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Community Involvement of the Owner of MBA Reporting Services LLC

At MBA Reporting Services LLC, court reporting, videography and related technical services are delivered with precision and professional pride. Clients, whether they are judges, courts, attorneys or commercial entities, know they can rely on skilled staff for polished, ready-to-use transcripts. At the same time, they appreciate the company leadership’s commitment to a high ethical standard in all aspects of the business.

Integration of Experience-Based Skills and a Passion for Service

To the casual observer, court reporting, realtime reporting and video services may seem to consist of robot-like mechanical processes. In fact, however, the human mind and heart of the person performing those processes can have an impact on the quality of the finished product. Customers’ experience with the company is enhanced when interactions are friendly, honest and respectful. Founder and proprietor R. Michael Buie’s vast storehouse of knowledge and interests fuels and complements his passion for community service and leadership.

With a strong academic and technical background, he has seized opportunities to make a positive difference for others. His contributions have included faith-based initiatives that have integrated technical skills with a calling to serve. His dedication has worked to empower and lift up marginalized people including deaf churchgoers and incarcerated young fathers. He has mentored and encouraged others who share a desire to make a difference.

Development and Expansion Of CART for Church Ministry to the Deaf

More than 20 years ago, he pioneered a program for the deaf using court reporting realtime reporting via computer display at Fellowship Bible Church North in Plano, Texas. He then went on to develop and promote this system for replication and adaptation in other settings. He has trained other providers of this program, known as Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), for use in church ministries to the deaf. CART is also applicable in classrooms, courtrooms, workplaces, theaters and sporting events.

Reaching Out Through a Faith-Based Prison Training Program


Though it is not directly related to the professional services provided by MBA Reporting Services LLC, his innovative 501(c)(3) organization for prison ministry demonstrates his work ethic and respect for others. The faith-based program has brought rays of hope to incarcerated fathers and others behind bars through:

  • GED classes including science, math and other aspects of a well-rounded education
  • Encouragement through mentoring of inmates recovering from addictions
  • Workshops for fathers behind bars aimed at promoting ongoing communication with their children, with potential to break generational patterns of brokenness and incarceration

On the basis of this program serving inmates in the maximum-security Collin County Detention Center, Mr. Buie earned a governor’s award. His commitment to community involvement resonates with likeminded lawyers who appreciate the chance to hire a court reporter — based on skill and experience — who puts ethics first.

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