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Reliable, Professional Court Reporting Services for North Texas

Court reporters perform an invaluable service to society. No one appreciates this fact more than lawyers and their clients, whose critical legal matters may determine the course of their lives. An accurate record of court proceedings is invaluable when it comes time for sentencing, appeals and overall analysis of a case.

Court reporters in the courtroom are most often hired by the court itself. Freelance court reporters, on the other hand, fill a wide range of functions out of court. Depositions, hearings and recording of expert testimony are situations where attorneys typically procure court reporters to help build their clients’ cases.

MBA Reporting Services LLC, in Plano, Texas, has built a strong name for itself in North Texas over several decades. Founder and proprietor R. Michael Buie has spent his career pursuing excellence with the zeal of a perfectionist. Today, MBA’s professional services and products fill critical needs for law firms and their clients. Services may include:

  • Transcripts with linked exhibits
  • Digital signatures
  • Electronic transcript delivery
  • Condensed transcripts and word indexing
  • Timestamping

When stakes are high, lawyers want to hire a court reporter with confidence that transcriptions will be accurate and delivered in a timely manner.

At the same time, clients of MBA Reporting Services LLC, appreciate working with certified court reporters who deliver:

  • Clear communication in planning
  • Accommodation of schedules and logistics
  • Accurate creation and delivery of transcripts
  • Transparency in cost estimates and billing

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