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Realtime Reporting for Varied Forums and Situations

While court reporting and realtime reporting differ in specific application and delivery, they share much in common, too. Skilled court reporters typically make excellent realtime reporters, thanks to their ability to process large quantities of spoken word and translate the input for others to read.

While attorneys are usually interested in court reporting, professionals in other endeavors often benefit from realtime reporting for delivery of verbatim records of extralegal proceedings such as:

  • Board meetings
  • Product seminars
  • Conventions
  • Business meetings
  • Labor arbitration sessions
  • Conventions and seminars

MBA Reporting Services LLC, Offers Accurate, On-Time Realtime Reporting

R. Michael Buie, founder and president of MBA in Plano, Texas, followed a pathway to this profession that began with a strong foundation of diversified knowledge. Through undergraduate and graduate studies as well as military training in challenging subjects such as health care administration, employment law, physiology, chemistry, meteorology and flight physiology, he acquired powerful building blocks of technical knowledge and familiarity that he has relied on over the years to broaden his base of understanding in varied litigation subject matters. Today, MBA Reporting Services LLC, enlists well-screened and highly trained certified court reporters to meet a variety of clients’ needs encompassing any subject matter.

How Does Realtime Reporting Differ From Court Reporting?

Realtime reporting is an advanced skill that lawyers and other professionals frequently ask for. While the verbatim court reporting transcript remains the staple of litigation tools, realtime expedites the availability of spoken-word evidence to all parties in litigation. MBA Reporting Services LLC, has a great deal of experience meeting these needs.

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